Mladen Ivanic speaks about the possible Lawsuit against Serbia

mladen ivanicThe Chairman of the Presidency of BiH, Mladen Ivanic, visited Mostar yesterday. Namely, he was invited to Mostar to receive the award “Athanasius School”, given by the Coordinating Body of Serb community in Mostar, for his contribution to solving the problems of the citizens of Serbian nationality in Mostar. On this occasion, Ivanic commented the possibility of revising the BiH lawsuit against Serbia, saying that he is certain it will not happen.

“Bosniaks are trying to make a lawsuit, not Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state. Two members of the Presidency have made it clear that they are against, and one member is for the lawsuit. It is clear that this complaint has no legitimacy and in my opinion, it has no chance to pass. For a revision to be accepted, a new fact needs to appear and not to be older than six months, and this did not happen. This lawsuit cannot succeed, and it will probably cause great problems and divisions in BiH as the party of the Alliance for change, in the event of lawsuits, will see no point in remaining in the Council of Ministers. I think that people in BiH are not even aware of how serious the situation is, “said Ivanic.

Speaking about Mostar, BiH Presidency Chairman stressed that no solution can be adequate enough without defining the position of Serbs.

“The City of Mostar cannot be complete without the affirmation of Serbs and I am constantly insisting on it. This is useful for Serbs who want to return, but also for the Croats and Bosniaks from Mostar who want to make Mostar a normal city to live in. We have came up with some solutions on how the elections could be maintained and I hope that we will soon have the opportunity to talk about the election law and that the SDA and HDZ parties are to solve problems, “said Ivanic.

The Coordination Body of Serb community spoke about the problems of Serbs in this part of BiH, unemployment, dilemmas of return, as well as the potential problems related to the route of the Corridor 5C which returnees oppose.

Mladen Ivanic is the first recipient of the Charter “Athanasius School,” which is awarded to people who have contributed to solving the problems of Serbs in Mostar.

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