Mitropolitan Hrizostom: The World must be continually renewed with Love and Kindness

January 5, 2018 11:00 AM

Mitropolitan of Dabrobossnian Hrizostom said in his Christmas greeting that Jesus Christ, the Savior and the Redeemer of the world, showed by his birth, life, and doctrine that this world must be always and continuously changed, renewed with love and kindness, truth and justice of God.

He noted that the birthday of Jesus Christ is a perfect time to remember that this world is a cosmos, the object of permanent God’s love that the Lord entrusted to people on use, keeping, and that man has a responsibility towards the creation of God.

Mitropolitan Hrizostom noted that besides the festive pleasures, the God expects for the love to be shared with your closest ones, but not just in the context of family and relatives, but all the people who live in our villages, settlements, cities, country and the entire world.

He also expressed his expectation, but also a respect on behalf of the holiday of God’s love for everyone, that our government will abolish all kinds of discrimination and segregation on any basis, especially when it comes to faith and nation.

Mitropolitan of Dabrobossnian Hrizostom sent his warm congratulations to all priests, monks and nuns, as well as to other Christians who already celebrated Christmas.

At the same time, he congratulated a happy and blessed New 2018 to all the people around the world.






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