Misdemeanor Charges Due to Attempt to Take Census Materials Out of B&H, Census to be Conducted in Srebrenica Again

popisstanovnistvaAt today’s press conference by the B&H Agency for Statistics, it was said that the Central Bureau concluded that the enumerator who was seen filling out a census form in a café in Srebrenica should be suspended and excluded from the census process. Also, the B&H border police submitted its report to the B&H Agency for Statistics on enumerators from Srebrenica who tried to take census materials with them across the border, after which the Central Bureau concluded that a misdemeanor or possibly criminal charges be submitted against these enumerators, said the Advisor of Public Relations for the B&H Agency for Statistics Mirsada Adembegović.

In addition, the Central Bureau concluded that the RS Institute for Statistics examine the accountability of members of the municipal census commission of Srebrenica and the instructors, and also to have the census conducted again in five census circles in Srebrenica, for which it was found that the enumerators did not work in accordance with the law and census procedures of households in B&H’’, said Adembegović.

(Source: Fena)

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