Mirza Teletović: The Time has Come to Make a Good Result at the European Championship

Mirza_Teletovic_NetsThe Captain of thebasketball team ofB&H, MirzaTeletovićjoined thepreparations for theupcomingEuro basket, and has already done severaltrainingswith the team.

I waitedto join the team with great impatience. I have been in the constant contact withteammatesandwith theSecretary GeneralHarunMahmutović.Now,to my greatjoy, I am finally with the team. We have a greatatmosphere within the team, and I willpersonallytryto make upfor lost timeand considering the factthat theNBArules are very clear.Duringa holiday inSpain andJablanicaI have been training on my own in order to be well prepared forthe startof preparations,because in front of us is the most important partPlayoff. We have astrongsquad, whoisin a positionto present allideas of the selectorAcePetrović and we are impatientlywaiting forthe startof the preparatorymatches, whichwill show usinwhatwe are“, said Teletović, adding how is he happy that Stipanović got the right to play.

“Everyqualitybasketball playeris to be welcomed. For the qualifyingwe playedwith alimitednumber of playersandwecould hardly endure the difficulttournamentsystemwith the same numberof players. TheAlliancedid a fantasticjob andus,playerswejust have tolisten toideas of the selectorPetrovićand then I think everythingwill be good. I am confident thatwe canmake a goodresult, andascaptain of the team, I guaranteethat we will fightforevery ballandevery attack. We have been waiting for a movement for long time, when it comes tothe Europeanchampionships andI thinkthe time for it has finallycome. We know each other very well, we have a good team atmosphereand a groupin whichwe can showquality. There is norelaxation, but fight, fightandjustfight“, said Teletovićand finallycongratulatedNenad Markovićand juniors of B&Hfor placement in theAdivision.


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