Mirvad Zenuni flew from Trebevic to Serbia in Paraglider and broke the Record

A member of the club Extreme Sport from Sarajevo, Mirvad Zenuni, flew from Trebevic near Sarajevo to Tubici village near Kosjerici between Valjevo and Uzice in Serbia a few days ago.

Therefore, he also broke the national record in paragliding, and Zenuni already set a record in this extreme sport several times.

He had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view during the flight, and he flew a total of 133.3 kilometers.

Zenuni was flying for unbelievable six hours and 13 minutes before he landed in the village of Tubici.

“I was not wrong, I found a pillar that was initially weak at the top, 0.5 – 1m/s, which was increased to 2.5 meters later. After 15 minutes and 700 meters, I went to 1550 meters, which are enough for me to go over Drina River and Serbia,” as noted in a detailed report by Zenuni that you can read on the official website of the Extreme Sport Club from Sarajevo.

Take a look at the video:

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