Miralem Pjanić gives an Interview about Juventus

pjanicMiralem Pjanić, a BiH national football team player, said in an interview for France Football that he came from Roma to Juventus to win titles.

Pjanić joined the Old Lady last summer, after activating his release clause in the contract with Roma. Now he came to France with Juventus, where he met his former club, Olympique Lyon, in the Champions League.

“I am in Juventus to win titles. That is what I missed the most and Juventus is a perfect club for that because they win on all levels. So far, I was usually the second. Juventus has the consistency in its performances, which we definitely didn’t have in Roma. We always had ups and downs. Juventus has the consistency and firmness, which often brings the team to the very end. that is a large machine that rarely fails,” said Pjanić.

French journalists wanted to hear from Pjanić what the difference is between their Ligue 1 and the Italian Serie A.

“There is more competition in Italy and more rivalry between clubs. There are several good teams in the Serie A; there are Roma, Inter, Milan, Napoli and Fiorentina. Everyone is always close, difficult matches are being played with a lot more passion. I think that France had more of that while I was playing in Lyon than it has today. Then there were Marseille, Paris Saint-Germain, Bordeaux, Monac and Lille. Now PSG is far above everyone else,” said Pjanić, adding that in 2014 he almost transferred to PSG, but his arrival to Paris was prevented by Walter Sabatini, the former sports director of Roma.

Apart from Lyon, in France Pjanić also played for Metz, where he arrived from Luxembourg as a 14-year-old. Later on, life brought him over Lyon and Rome to Torino. He played 69 matches for the national team of BiH and scored 11 goals.


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