Minores Association has been helping Homeless People from Mostar for 5 Years

The Association Minores was established on gatherings with a priest from Herzegovina Fr. Dalibor Dado Milas five years ago, and it was intended for help to the homeless people from Mostar. The Association Minores expanded its area of activity later and became one of the very positive stories that you can hear in Herzegovina.

About twenty volunteers gathered at their first meeting, and there were thirty of them on the first day when they were searching for homeless people. They still remember the day when they found a family with three children in a ruin.

Lana Cale is dealing with volunteers and she said that the number of active volunteers in Minores is changing, and it is around twenty now and they are mostly students.

“We are especially active during the month of December, which is month of giving and sharing with the people in need. We have just completed one of our activities with kindergartens. We also have the ‘Package for Family’ activity, within which we collect the basic supplies and deliver them to a family in need. People often apply for this activity by themselves and sometimes they start the action even before we initiate it,” said Marija Budimir about the latest activities of this association.

These girls noted that people sometimes come with donations of 500 BAM in coupons for a supermarket store or the family gives up their Christmas gifts to donate the money to Minores, i.e. the people that this organization is taking care of. Primary schools are the most active, and school children participate in sharing of collected goods to the homeless people or families that need help.

“Good will and the need to help others are spreading naturally. You are not forcing anyone, but people talk around and then it all works out in the best way possible,” said young activist, Lana Cale.

They are working well with public institutions and even better with non-governmental organizations, but mostly with people of good will. They want to improve their own infrastructure in the upcoming period, since the quality of their activities will be better then as well.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)






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