Ministry of Economy initiated Activities to amend the Law on the Cantonal Privatization Agency

The Ministry of Economy of Sarajevo Canton, with the aim of improving the business climate in the Sarajevo Canton, as well as ensuring the competitiveness of the cantonal economic environment, has initiated activities to amend the Law on the Cantonal Privatization Agency.

In accordance with that, the Government of CS appointed an inter-ministerial Working Group at yesterday’s regular session, which, in the next thirty days, should prepare amendments to the Law on the Cantonal Privatization Agency.

As Minister Adnan Delic pointed out, the Agency has so far been financed by generating revenues generated in privatization processes, but as there has been no satisfactory number of company privatizations for a long time, a systemic reorganization is needed for the Agency to generate revenues again.

“The working group appointed by the Government of CS should prepare the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Cantonal Privatization Agency, whose basic, essential purpose is to add competencies to the Agency for affairs related to promoting and attracting investments in Sarajevo Canton, so that we can made it easier for potential investors who want to do business in the Sarajevo Canton “, said minister Delic.

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