Ministry of Civil Affairs allocates 100,000 BAM for best Athletes

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina has allocated 100,000 BAM for the best athletes in BiH, and on that occasion, the minister Ankica Gudeljevic met with top athletes in 2020, with whom she talked about the current situation in the field of sports.

As she said, she believes that the year we have stepped into will bring much better days for athletes. “We have the opportunity to hang out with athletes, who really deserve the title of a top athlete of international class. Some have acquired the conditions for a well-deserved pension, and others have achieved the greatest results in the previous year, no matter how difficult it was, “said Gudeljevic.

According to her, she believes that the funds for encouraging these athletes, but sports in general, should be higher, and that she hopes that everyone who is in the decision-making chain in this segment of life will realize the importance of sports and athletes in society.

“They do not say for no reason that society is as healthy as the conditions for the development of sports in society. On this occasion, the Ministry realized all the funds we had at our disposal, ie 100,000 BAM, which today go into the hands of the best. I wish a successful, health-filled and with much better conditions sports year to all those who do sports in any way “, said Gudeljevic, Fena news agency writes.

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