Ministry Decision: Children in Primary Schools in Sarajevo must wear Masks

The Ministry of Education of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) sent a notice to primary and secondary schools about the manner of teaching in the new school year, and the instructions also state that children in primary and secondary schools must wear masks.

According to the new rules, the social distance is increased from 1.5 meters to 2 meters, and the distance between the students’ seats must be at least 2 meters, Klix.ba writes.

In primary and secondary schools, it is mandatory to wear protective masks over the mouth and nose to ensure the protection of the respiratory system indoors and outdoors, while respecting a distance of at least 2 meters.

Children under the age of six make an exception, as well as people who have breathing problems due to chronic diseases or who cannot remove the mask without the help of another person, such as people with intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities and people with hearing damage.

In case that pupils are not able to attend schooling due to health reasons, their parents are obliged to submit a medical justification which will explain the reason for the pupil’s absence from school. Parents who do not want their children to attend the regular teaching process due to chronic diseases of pupils, members of the joint household, or belonging to a risk group, have this right and must justify the reason for attending online classes with a statement to the class teacher.

The school, more precisely the teacher has the option in cases when it is assessed that he can not achieve or can hardly achieve the principle of objectivity in written tests in the implementation of teaching according to the online model, organize and implement a written test for all pupils in the school classroom, with parent notice and assessment of the competent school service.

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