Minister Zukic: It is necessary to protect Employees and Suppliers of Konzum

Konzum Donation tuzlalive.baAfter the meeting with representatives of nine BH suppliers of Agrokor, the Minister of Development, Entrepreneurship, and Trade of the FBiH Amir Zukic said that the Government of FBiH will consider adoption of a regular framework in order to stabilize the business operation of Konzum, in case that meetings with representatives of this company do not give satisfactory results. They said that they will work together to solve problems that happened after the crisis in Agrokor and that the debt of Konzum to BiH amounts to 130 million BAM.

Zukic said that it is necessary now to protect employees and suppliers of Konzum, banks, and Konzum itself, in order to function normally. The aim of the meeting was to find the way for Konzum in BiH to get over the crisis.

The minister added that the debt of Konzum in BiH to suppliers amounts to 130 million BAM. Trade receivables on the 31st of December amounted to 150 million BAM, which means that around 20 million BAM was paid.

Zukic said that meeting with suppliers will be held next Monday again in order to try to achieve mutual cooperation and to find a solution for the continuation of normal operation of Konzum.

Director of Milkos Adin Fakic, one of nine companies that attended the meeting, said that he is encouraged by the fact that the government got involved in resolving the situation that our suppliers found themselves in.

“It was defined that we have to work together in order to solve these problems. Our goal as suppliers is to have a stable market. Konzum represents a great part of this market and we expect this situation to be stabilized. We have to be optimistic, new information suggests that we should be confident in stabilizing this situation,” said Fakic.

“We all believe that Konzum should be saved and that it can be saved with the help of us, suppliers, who have a great understanding. We hope to get the same from Konzum. We are trying not to think about the worst case scenario because that would mean a cancellation of job contracts to subcontractors, and milk is a driver of the development of BiH,” noted Fakic.


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