Minister Vranic issued an Order on Mobilization of the entire Medical Staff

The Minister of Health of the Canton Sarajevo (CS), Haris Vranic, announced yesterday that in order to fight the coronavirus, he will issue an order on the mobilization of medical staff, which also includes the private sector.

“We will all have to take on the burden of this fight, and not only health centers, the General Hospital and the Sarajevo University Clinical Center (UKCS),” said Vranic, adding that this order will improve conditions for patients.

According to him, in these moments, no one should start a panic, especially not those who are at the head of health institutions.

“If doctors start to panic – then we have a problem with the treatment,” Vranic told.

Vranic also stressed that there is enough oxygen for health institutions in the CS, but it must be used more rationally and controlled in a better way.

“Inspection of the installations needs to be done, to see if they can handle it. Health facilities must determine the supply of oxygen, estimate consumption and replenishment of the supplies. If they cannot do it by themselves, then the CS Government will do its best. Oxygen consumption is enormous in Europe, and only the company Meser is authorized to charge, ” noted Vranic.

He added that the problem with the payment of calls to covid call centers has been solved and that from now on they are free for all citizens.

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