Minister Vranic: Despite the Strike, Immunization continues in Sarajevo

The immunization of oncology patients, as well as the revaccination of previously vaccinated persons, continued yesterday at the “Juan Antonio Samaranch” Olympic Hall in Sarajevo, and more than 850 doses were given on that occasion.

As announced, the same activity will continue today, and vaccination of employees of the Home for Children without Parental Care Canton Sarajevo is planned.

The Minister of Health of CS, Haris Vranic, pointed out that, despite the announced strike of some health workers, the vaccination process will not be suspended, and will be continued and proceed according to the previously established plan.

The Ministry of Health of CS and health institutions thank the citizens for their cooperation and ask them to continue to respect all prescribed hygienic-epidemiological measures.

Regarding the payment of refunds to citizens who had to buy the drug tocilizumab and other expensive therapies of a similar type during their treatment for Covid-19 infection, Minister Vranic said that 646,153 BAM had been paid to citizens through the Health Insurance Institute for that purpose.

He also stated that the Refund Commission had processed 117 of the 380 requests submitted so far. “Given that there are still a significant number of unrealized requests for this type of refund, the CS Government will have to give its consent in the coming period to provide additional funds,” announced Minister Vranic.

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