Minister of Security: Statements about Terrorist Camps in BiH damage Interests of Our Country

mekticMinister of Security of BiH Dragan Mektic explained that warning of the British government does not mean a warning on a possible terrorist attack, nor it is an invitation to citizens of that country not to travel to BiH, but it is a warning to citizens that are traveling to BiH.

The United Kingdom warned the citizens who are planning to visit BiH about the possibility of a terrorist attack, and in the warning that was issued in early May, was stated that attacks can be random and that target can be places visited by foreigners.

“Great Britain qualified danger of terrorism in several ranks, and worse assessment than BiH have the United States, Germany, France, and Belgium, with the degree of very likely terrorist attacks,” explained Minister Mektic.

He added that the warning of British authorities also refers to Austria and Italy, which means that a possibility for a terrorist attack exists there as well, while Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro are in a medium category.

He also commented statements of some RS officials, who stated that there is a terrorist camp at every 10 kilometers of our country, and he noted that such statements damage interests of BiH.

Therefore, he called this kind of statements inappropriate, adding that they are not in the interest of BiH nor in the interest of overall safety and that they are aimed to create insecurity, panic, and fear.

(Source: klix.ba)

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