Minister Sarovic: RS solved the Problem of accessible Roads

August 21, 2017 5:30 PM

A meeting regarding the construction of the border crossing Bratunac-Ljubovija was held today, after which Mirko Sarovic, the minister of foreign trade and economic relations, and Miro Dzakula, the director of the Authority for Indirect Taxation, addressed the meeting.

Seven million BAM from the clearing debt will be allocated to the Authority for Indirect Taxation and a further four million BAM will be provided for through the 2018 budget, which will be enough to construct the border crossing.

“The project documentation is completed, but some other things need additional consultation, such as property rights. We spent the most time on that,” Sarovic said.

The Republika Srpska, the smaller of the two BiH entities, completed all necessary documentation and the property will be put at the disposal of the Authority for Indirect Taxation.

“The property will be owned by RS, but will be given on a lease for 50 years,” Sarovic said.

He noted that it will be the topic of the opinions of the public attorneys.

“That requires a building permit and to announce a tender. RS solved the question of accessible roads, precisely 400m of roads between the border crossing and the regional highway. That was financed by RS,” said Sarovic.

We’ve negotiated with Serbia the interstate agreement about the border crossing, he confirmed, which is a prerequisite for the functioning between the two countries.

Miro Dzakula thanked all of those who want a new border crossing. He considers that it’s a new value which connects people and facilitates the transport of goods.

“I’m highlighting this because the Authority was the focus of criticisms many times and we aren’t responsible for them. We can’t get everything done, since the border crossings are abandoned and infrastructure wasn’t kept updated. We’re trying to make modern bordering crossings,” Dzakula said.

The construction of border crossing Bratunac-Ljubovija was a very complex process and requires synergy of the institutions and ministries, as well as communication between BiH and Serbia.




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