Minister Osmić: the Interoperability Platform Opens New Possibilities for the Cooperation Between NATO and B&H

SUMMIT: The Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.Within the NATO Summit in Wales, a meeting with the ministers of defense of the 28 member states of NATO and 24 countries partners of the NATO, the Minister of defense of B&H Zekerijah Osmić participated actively.

This is the first meeting within the Interoperability platform where not only state members of NATO participated but its partner countries as well – was announced from the Ministry of defense of B&H.

Within the discussion on the Platform for interoperability of partners with NATO, Osmić pointed out the mutual benefit of our participation in the NATO missions and operations, especially in the context of developing interoperability.

Minister Osmić acquainted the associates with our plans regarding the further development of the Armed forces of B&H and the increase of their operative abilities during the missions and tasks to perform, in the country, during the natural disasters, demining process etc. but as well as in the international operations of peacekeeping.

Having in mind that the resources of the Armed forces of B&H are limited, minister Osmić expressed his expectations for the support of the associates in the matters of better equipment of the AF of B&H so we could be recognized as potential operative partners of NATO in a more serious way.

(Source: Fena)

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