Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina met with UK Ambassador Matthew Field


Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Selmo Cikotic met on Wednesday in Sarajevo with the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to BiH Matthew Field.

At the meeting, they discussed the current situation, as well as the biggest security and humanitarian challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina, the migrant crisis, and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ambassador Field congratulated Minister Cikotic on his appointment and pointed out that security threats as terrorism, crime or natural disasters, do not respect borders, and that they must be confronted by working together.

“The United Kingdom has a long tradition in providing support to security in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was pleased to inform the Minister of our assistance, which includes training police agencies across the country in intelligence-led policing, sharing experiences in combating violent extremism, supporting strategies to combat serious organized crime, illicit trade, finance and corruption, reducing illegal weapons trade, as well as practical assistance for forensic and IT systems. All this is of benefit to BiH, but it is also in our national interest. The United Kingdom is committed to continuing such support,” said Ambassador Field.

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