Minister of Human Rights explained the Rights of Migrants in BiH

May 22, 2018 2:00 PM

Minister of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, Semiha Borovac, visited migrants that are accommodated in the Refugee Center in Salakovac near Mostar with the aim to examine the conditions in that center.

“I wanted to see for myself the protection of the people who are in this center. I was interested whether the food, hygiene, health care and adequate accommodation is provided. Today, there are 200 people in the center and they mostly feel good. One person asked for medical help because of heart problems and one boy has been vomiting for two days. We reacted right away and sent them to the “Dr. Safet Mujic” hospital in Mostar,” said Minister Borovac.

She added that the Ministry of Security of BiH should sign a contract on health care for migrants with this healthcare institution very soon.

Minister stated that she is satisfied with everything she saw on the field and the care that is provided to migrants. The food is delivered twice a day, they all have beds…

“All of them were recorded, we took their photographs and personal information. They are being checked when leaving and entering the center, so that we have the information on their number and their further movement. This is an open type center and they can go out whenever they want, but they have to return by 10 p.m. They have already shown discipline in respecting the house rules, and those who did not return in time were left in front of the door so I believe that they will not do the same thing tonight,” said Borovac.

A total of 260 people came to the center last week. Around 60 of them have already left, probably to continue their journey to EU countries. There are also 44 children in the center.

“Everyone is recorded and the Ministry of Security can always know where they are. Migrants can stay in this center for 15 days, and then we will have to fill in their papers again and decide if they will seek for asylum. They can stay in the Refugee Center in Salakovac after an asylum application until their request is resolved. In case they do not want to stay in our country, the Ministry of Security will act in accordance with the regulations,” said the minister.







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