Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H received at a Farewell Visit the U.S. Ambassador Moon

susret lagumdzija moonDeputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija received today in Sarajevo at a farewell visit the Ambassador of the United States in our country, Patrick Moon, was announced from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lagumdžija pointed out the gratitude of B&H for the U.S. engagement in our country to which a major contribution gave the Ambassador Moon during his mandate and he expressed the hope that the U.S. support for the construction of a democratic B&H and the integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions will be continued with the arrival of a new representative of the  U.S. administration.

In this context, he stated that the cooperation with the United States is of a strategic importance for B&H, especially in establishing relations with NATO and EU and he thanked him for intensive support and assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina reforms in these sectors.

They expressed satisfaction that Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States have very good and friendly bilateral relations and they have achieved successful cooperation at the bilateral and multilateral level, but it was agreed that it should be improved even more, especially in the economic sector.

They highlighted the interest of continuation of political contacts at the highest and high level.

Lagumdžija and Moon exchanged views on the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a particular focus on activities that aim further development of the country into Euro-Atlantic integration.

Lagumdžija expressed hopes on soon agreements in regard to issues of army property, then the establishment of an effective mechanism of coordination in the process of the European integration and the solution to implement the judgment of the Court of Human Rights for the case “Sejdić -Finci” as a condition for further progress of B&H towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

Ambassador Moon expressed his gratitude for the support and cooperation of Lagumdžija and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during his diplomatic engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and expressed his confidence that the bilateral relations between our country and the United States will continue to improve and noted that support to our country is clearly expressed through the entire involvement of the United States until now.



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