Minister Mektic: Two Attempts of Terrorist Attacks prevented in BiH

July 18, 2017 11:30 AM

The Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina prevented two attempts of terrorist attacks in BiH a month ago, in cooperation with state security agencies.

“Intelligence – Security Agency of BiH (OSA BiH) discovered and prevented two serious terrorist threats. The responsible persons were located and captured. The authentication of this information has been confirmed, which means that we are working and monitoring the security situation properly,” said Minister Mektic in Sarajevo on Monday, and he expressed his gratitude to members of OSA BiH.

He added that they are constantly monitoring the situation and they are constantly monitoring individuals and groups that are registered by security services in BiH.

Given the current political situation, which he assessed as very bad and in which a “politic-judicial-legal mafia” is ruling, he invited citizens, especially Bosniaks, on dialogue.

“I want to urge the Bosniaks to think, to make teams for conversations, to sit and make historical reconciliation. I do not want to say that we should forget, but we should work on it, set up the organization and systems that will give the opportunity to young people to get new workplaces, to live from their own work, and not to leave our country in the column of buses,” emphasized Minister Mektic at the end.



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