Minister Mektic: No Information that Women are being paid to cover themselves

August 23, 2017 2:30 PM

“Our security services don’t have any information that women in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are being paid to fully cover themselves when going out so they would change the picture of the city,” the minister of security of BiH Dragan Mektic said.

The minister of foreign affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz said that women are being paid to fully cover themselves and go out, warning about the increasing influence from Turkey and Saudi Arabia in this part of the Balkans.

“We’re in communication with our colleagues from the security services of Austria and we’ll request that they share that information, should they have it, so we can see if it’s true. I’m assuming that Kurz didn’t say that without any background information or proof. That’s worrying if it’s true and we don’t know about that. Who’s giving the money then, where is it coming from and what’s the origin of that money. However, I’m still not convinced. I personally think that he may have some individual example, but that that’s something that happens frequently in BiH,” Mektic opined.

Since 2013, the number of people who are leaving for foreign war zones has been decreasing. Does BiH have a strategy for deracializing these people?

“We are now, in the largest part, focused on preventing and stopping all of those who could carry out a terrorist attack. We’ve realized some projects with our partners from Europe and they’re approved by the EU. The last project was worth 18 million Euros. On September 7th and 8th, I will be in Slovenia, where we’ll be talking about realizing that project and the way that we’ll realize them to deracialize and resocialize these people and prevent young people from accepting radicalism and becoming terrorists,” Mektic said.

A large number of tourists from Arab countries are coming to BiH and the minister of security notes that we should look at them as tourists from whom BiH, and especially Canton Sarajevo, have a lot of financial use.

“We still have to develop our tourist offer and not only in Sarajevo but on the territory of the entire BiH and use our potential. They can be in BiH as long as their visa is valid or if they have a temporary one, then 90 days. Permanent residence or purchasing property is another story,” said Mektic.



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