Minister Kosarac: There are lot of unused Vaccines in Warehouses

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Stasa Kosarac, said he had statistics "indicating that we have a lot of unused vaccines in warehouses."
He added that the Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH, Ankica Gudeljevic, should be asked what she knows about that.

Kosarac said this in an interview with "One", which will be broadcast on BHRT tonight. He explains that the Council of Ministers has been informed about this, and that "the vaccines are in storage, perhaps because of the problems of the immunization campaign".

According to Kosarac, the Council of Ministers had a proactive role in the procurement of vaccines, and funds were adequately secured and paid into the COVAX mechanism.

"The problem is in the COVAX mechanism. Those speculations that the Council of Ministers did not react adequately should be rejected. It should also be said that the Council of Ministers, ie the chairman Tegeltija and Minister Gudeljevic, conducted significant activities with the competent entity ministries when it comes to vaccine procurement. And it is not true that the Council of Ministers had an indolent attitude. I reject those kinds of speculations, "Kosarac said.

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