Minister Kosarac: BiH is not giving up its Position to prevent the Construction of Nuclear Waste Storage Site

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina Stasa Kosarac said yesterday that BiH is not giving up its position to prevent the construction of nuclear waste storage site at Trgovska Gora in Croatia, near the border with BiH. 

He stated that he believes that the first working meeting of BiH would be scheduled in the next 15 days of the BiH expert team with colleagues in Croatia.

He still believes, as he says, that the preservation of the environment and the health of the citizens of BiH is the primary issue and that “we should be much more mobilized than before because Croatia is fully mobilized.”

He added that he expects full engagement of all BiH institutions in order to achieve the goal of preventing the construction of this nuclear waste storage site.

Minister Kosarac pointed out that the request of the expert team for its expansion was assessed as acceptable, but that it did not happen because certain ministers in the BiH Council of Ministers did not support the proposal since there are not enough members of one nation in the team’s structure.

He stressed that the national structure can be respected in the case of the leadership of the coordinating body, expert and legal team, while in the selection of the experts themselves, only competencies should be taken into account.

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