Minister Cikotic: Military Tents are a Temporary Solution for Migrants in Lipa

About 1,000 migrants and refugees will most likely be temporarily accommodated on a plot with military tents set up in Lipa near Bihac, until the works on the full training of the reception center at this location are completed.

This is the conclusion after today’s meeting of the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Selma Cikotic with the representatives of the City of Bihac and Una-Sana Canton, as well as international organizations and the Armed Forces of BiH, BHRT writes.

“We will try to prepare dignified accommodation in military tents as soon as possible, and immediately start construction work and preparation of the reception camp. Due to the weather conditions, it is ungrateful to forecast and promise deadlines, but we will all try to do it together in the shortest possible period of time. The use of force was out of the question at any time, but now I can send a message to the residents of Bihac that they no longer need to gather in front of the ‘Bira’ center. I did not even open it (the ‘Bira’ center), and with this team of people, the process of its legal and definitive closure will start immediately “, said Minister Cikotic.

Almost a thousand migrants are facing very difficult conditions in the area of ​​the former temporary migrant camp “Lipa” after the fire last week.

Cikotic said that the conditions in the area of ​​”Lipa” are harsh and ungrateful.

“I am grateful to all those who responded to see the contribution that various institutions should make to create conditions for a multi-week stay of migrants, while the temporary reception center ‘Lipa’ is brought to a longer purpose for accommodation of migrants, ie stay for a longer period,” he explained.

He called all the events around migrants in recent days a humanitarian, security and political situation. Migrants, meanwhile, protested and shouted “We want justice.”

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