Minister Bevanda: The Global Financial Framework has not been adopted yet

Minister Bevanda, while talking about the problems and risks in BiH,  noted that the global financial framework in BiH has not been adopted yet, and it is important not only for the state level but for the entity budgets as well.

The problem with the (non) adoption of the global financial framework is that entities, especially Republika Srpska, will not accept any arguments for its required increase, noted Bevanda and explained that there is a need for the adoption of the Law on police officers, which requires additional money. Moreover, money is needed for the purchase of two helicopters for the army, and there is a need for them in case of floods, fires, and other emergency situations. Bevanda still hopes that the global financial framework will be adopted since it is extremely important for budget levels.

Talking about other current problems and risks, he also recalled that the arrangement with the IMF is currently stopped because laws on excise duties, excises and deposit insurance have not been adopted yet. Failure to adopt the Law on excise duties also means freezing the arrangement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), as well as with other creditors,  added Minister Bevanda.

Bevanda also mentioned some positive things that took place in the past and this year, which, when it comes to the efforts of the ministry headed by him, refers to the collection of Russian clearing debt in cash, and BiH is the only one from regional countries that managed to do so.

Minister Bevanda conducted direct negotiations with the Russia.

In the past period, the Ministry of Finance has been a proposer of successfully adopted several important documents, including the strategy of managing public money and debt as well as the system of internal financial controls, according to Minister.

(Source: akta.ba)

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