Mines pose a Danger in 118 Municipalities in BiH

Mines pose a danger in 118 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is estimated that there are 180,000 of them, according to the demining plan for this year.

The document states that data on 264,011 households in vulnerable communities were collected, of which 32,109 households were exposed to direct risk.

According to these data, 845,163 inhabitants live in vulnerable communities, of which 92,817 are boys, 87,990 are girls, 328,842 are men and 335,514 are women.

The document, compiled by the BiH Mine Action Center, states that 132,802 residents are directly affected by mines.

Minefields in BiH, as it is pointed out, are characterized by a relatively small number of mines, but very often there are groups of mines or individually left mines for unknown reasons.

“The problem is the quality of mine records, according to which in a large number of cases the exact location of the minefield, the shape and location of mines in the field cannot be determined,” it was emphasized in this plan.

The Center for Mine Action told “Nezavisne Novine” that the pandemic also affects the reduced course of mine action, which is reflected in the overall implementation of annual and strategic plans.

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