Over One Thousand Miners will get the Salary Today, Coal Mine’s Accounts unblocked

The bank account of the Zenica Brown Coal Mines Subsidiary was unblocked again yesterday at around 4 pm, so this morning the payment of salaries to Zenica miners for July began – confirmed the vice Director Isad Turalic.

All 1,105 employees of that company should have July salaries in their accounts during the day, which, according to the Collective Agreement, are paid by the 15th of the month.

Last week, their salary could not be paid due to the debt on default interest for the previously paid debt, for which the City of Zenica, on July 23 this year, blocked them in the amount of 2.6 million BAM, but on Tuesday, July 17 , an agreement was reached with the City Administration of the City of Zenica on the temporary unblocking of the account.

“In addition to the debt to the City of Zenica for default interest, we had several other blockades, in the total amount of 1,090,000 BAM. We had to pay part of that debt, but the most important thing is that today we started paying salaries to workers. The workers had understanding and did not stop production,” says Turalic.

With the payment of salaries, there will be no need of a general strike in that company, which was scheduled for August 25.

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