Miners sent a Message: This is the Beginning of the Fight for Mines

Miners from all seven trade unions, members of the Independent Trade Union of Mine Workers of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the slogan “Unfair and inhumane restructuring of coal mines within the Concern Elektroprivreda BiH” in a protest march that ended in front of the Government of FBiH said they want their rights.

Sinan Husic, the President of the Union of Mines of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, addressed the gathered miners in front of the FBiH Government building and congratulated all workers in BiH on the International Labor Day.

“We know what we have harmonized through social dialogue, in the past month. We will not accept what the representatives of EPBiH and the FBiH Government represent, we will not allow a large number of workers to be transferred to employment offices overnight.”

The miners say once again that they want a state, that they need a state.

“We will ask the mine management to test the methods, to test the calorific value of coal, many serious people say that the indicators are catastrophically harmful to the mines. We know how to check the quality ourselves “, said Husic and added: “If necessary, all the mining trains will come here … They will come full of pain and sorrow, but also of courage and determination. This is the beginning of the fight for the mines and for the best sons who gave their lives for BiH. Thank you and good luck. ”

After the protest, the miners ‘representatives returned to the Sarajevo Railway Station and announced that if the miners’ demands were not met, Husic also announced that a general strike would be held in all seven mines of the Elektroprivreda BiH concern on May 20.

The Independent Trade Union of Mine Workers of the Federation of BiH / FBiH /, on the occasion of marking May 1 – International Labor Day, organized a protest, in order to express dissatisfaction with the extremely difficult position of workers.

Photo credit: Avaz

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