Miners in BiH have stopped Production, demand Payment of Wages

The miners of the "Stara jama" plant of the Subsidiary Brown Coal Mines Zenica (ZDRMUZ) have stopped production and have not entered into the pit since Saturday, confirmed Eldin Didic, a representative of the workers who are protesting in front of the entrance to the company this morning.

He stated that they suspended the works because they had not received a salary on Friday, and their demands were a reduction of the monthly production plan, then the payment of incentives for cave workers for June in the amount of 150 BAM and that, from next month, incentives be paid as promised. 

”The workers are leaving and it is not possible to fulfill the production plan with this number of people. The brigade, which numbered 38, now has 15 workers. No one will work for this salary. There was an opn call recently and no one applied for the job of a pit worker, claims Didic, who points out that their salary has been reduced in the last few months.

Acting director Isad Turalic points out that part of the miners received their salary for June on Friday, and the rest was paid this morning.

”Due to banking procedures, not everyone received a salary on Friday. The salary has not been reduced,” says Turalic, who notes that the salaries are only in line with the Rulebook agreed last year. He also notes that some workers did not fulfill the production plan.

According to Turalic, the miners of the "Raspotocje" plant did not stop production, and he hopes that an agreement will be reached for the continuation of production in the "Stara jama" plant. As Didic informed media, they have just been invited to a new meeting and negotiations with the company's management.

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