Milorad Dodik met with Staničić

December 4, 2012 4:39 PM

*The President of Republika Srpska and the Ambassador of Croatia in Bosnia and Herzegovina agreed today that everyone should work on lowering the disadvantages that Bosnia and Herzegovina will have as a result of Croatia’s admission to the European Union. *

*On today’s meeting in Banja Luka, they also talked about the process of Euro-Atlantic integrations. Ambassador Staničić expressed the readiness to share Croatia’s experience and help Bosnia and Herzegovina in the same process. The President of Republika Srpska and the Ambassador also shared their opinion about the current issues in Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.*

*Dodik introduced Staničić to the realization of the Agreement of the SNSD and SDP B&H. * *He also pointed out the healthy conversation and collaboration between RS and the Croatian component of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During their meeting, there were also talks about the potential * *collaboration* *between Republika Srpska and Croatia.*



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