Milorad Dodik gave almost 30 million USD on lobbying in the United States

dodikVoice of America, with the help of colleagues from the Department of Justice, follows the activities of politicians Milorad Dodik and other members of the SNSD in details and their attempts of buying influence in the United States for some time now, as published by this media.

Several thousand pages of documentation testify the long-term involvement of many American lobbying companies and payments of millions of USD of money of the citizens of the RS.

It was talked a lot about lobbying in the US. However, the amount of money mentioned in the media is below the actual amount of money that was taken from the citizens of the RS.

According to the analysis of the Voice of America, Milorad Dodik and his party colleagues have spent a total of 29,635,062.83 USD for these purposes so far in the United States. In the future, the Voice of America will as announced, publish the final results of the investigation with detailed information on payments, as well as the names of American citizens and institutions on which they attempted to influence.

Dodik and members of SNSD are the only BH politicians who have paid more than 25,000 USD. It is often suggested that the Bosniak parties are lobbying in the US, but this is not the case since 1999 when Muhamed Sacirbegovic paid 25,000 USD for the services of lobbyists. When it comes to FBiH, HDZ 1990 and the Party of Justice and Trust are the only other parties that have lobbied in this century.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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