Million Liters of Bimal Oil Exported to China

bimal2First amounts of edible refined oil have been exported to China from the factory for the production of edible oil Bimal from Brčko.

Approximately one million liters of edible oil produced in Brčko will be exported from the factory Bimal to the buyer in China. The representatives from Bimal have recently visited several buyers in Shanghai with whom the preliminary contract of cooperation was signed, and another delivery of 2.5 million liters of raw oil is to be delivered next week, after the realization of the first delivery in flex containers.

During the summer, around 3.5 million liters of oil produced in accordance with the highest quality standards will be delivered to the buyers in China.

The increase in the production capacities, constant investment in the quality of products and the vision of the development in the new markets enabled Bimal to export its high-quality oils to the world market, including new markets such as Middle East and China.

”Confident in the quality of our products, we believe that this is the beginning of a long-term cooperation with the buyers in China”, said Nataša Pucar, the Director of the corporative communications of Bimal.

Bimal has a strategic vision of the development and placement of its products to the new markets, including the markets out of the region of the Western Balkans, given that the production capacities provide that. Although it is possible to reach far higher prices at the new markets rather at the domestic market, Bimal strives to maintain competitive prices at the domestic market and continuously offer to the domestic consumers the approved quality of all its products produced in Brčko in accordance with the highest standards.


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