Million EUR for the Improvement of Tourist Offer Via Dinarica

The Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to BiH, Nicola Minasi, and Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program in BiH (UNDP BiH), Sukhrob Khoshmukhamedov, signed a 1,000,000 EUR worth contract for the improvement of the tourist offer Via Dinarica.

“The main goal of the project is the improvement of tourism in BiH, which offers real opportunities for growth and opening of new workplaces, especially for young people,” said Ambassador Minasi, and added that BiH has great potential and that this project will be a perfect example of using that potential for work and development.

He expressed hope that this would attract even more tourists to BiH, including those from Italy.

Via Dinarica was included as one of the world’s best destinations for nature lovers in the list of National Geographic in the year of 2017, and according to Khoshmukhamedov, the investment of Italian Government will enable further improvement of tourist offer and capacities.

Through the promotion of a unique regional tourist destination, the project Via Dinarica, which is implemented by UNDP, contributes to the decrease of economic, social and regional inequalities in BiH.

The total value of the new phase of the project amounts to a total of 1.3 million EUR, of which 1 million EUR was allocated by the Government of Italy, and 300,000 EUR by UNDP, as announced from the UNDP in BiH.

Works on the construction of municipal capacities for providing tourist services will be completed in the second phase, and besides the White Trail, the project will also include all other trails.







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