Military Industry in the FBiH doubled its Exports in Three Years

The value of exports of weapons and ammunition from BiH amounted to 93.8 million BAM in the year of 2014, and it was increased to 193 million BAM in 2017.

Last year, the military industry in the FBiH attracted a lot of attention with the introduction of several important inventions and products. Therefore, at the beginning of the year of 2017, the entire BiH was talking about the production of the first BH howitzer whose prototype was produced by the company Bratstvo Novi Travnik – Factory of Machinery and Hydraulics.

After that, the Technical Remont Institute Hadzici successfully produced the first BH hand rocket launcher that passed all NATO tests in the second half of 2017. At the same time, the prototype of BH rifle was made in six models, and the same company produced the first BH pistol. All competent state institutions gave their consent for the production of the first BH rifles and pistols.

This is just a part of the successful stories that both state and private companies in the FBiH industry are realizing, and they include companies Igman from Konjic, BNT from Novi Travnik, Binas from Bugojno, Vitezit from Vitez, Unis Ginex from Gorazde, Pretis from Vogosca, Zrak from Sarajevo, Remont Institute Hadzici, and five private companies Pobjeda Rudet, AC Unity and Pobjeda Technology from Gorazde, Koteks from Tesanj and Guma-co from Bugojno.

What many military factories in the FBiH must do is modernization of equipment and purchase of new machines. Professor Berko Zecevic noted that some of the factories in Gorazde have to make a step forward towards replacing heavy metals that include explosive components with components that are not aggressive to the environment.

As Professor Zecevic noted, companies in BiH had great experience in the production of cylinders for rocket engines.

“We had two machines before. At the moment, we have one machine that requires reparation, and Serbia invested 35 million EUR in the production of its production factory for rocket engines, since they concluded that it would be very profitable on the world market,” concluded Professor Zecevic.




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