Military Exercise fulfilling NATO Standards to start in September in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In accordance with the training plan for 2020, a regular military exercise of members of the Armed Forces will be held in Manjaca at the end of September, but under the watchful eye of evaluators from NATO forces and the standards of this military alliance, the Ministry of Defense confirmed to Avaz.

Regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, all measures have been taken to hold the exercise without any problems. The green light for holding a military exercise under the supervision of NATO members was approved by the Presidency of BiH last year.

“We are now doing everything to exercise according to plan and maintain. This is a check of our 800 soldiers from about 100 assessors from NATO members. True, there are some countries whose governments have made decisions not to come because of a pandemic, but now we are looking for a solution to replace them with those soldiers where there is no such ban.

For now, everything is according to the plan and program, and of course everything is with respect for all epidemiological measures.

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