Military Delegation of China Visits B&H

kinaB&H Deputy Minister of Defense Marina Pendeš with associates received the high military delegation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of China, led by Lieutenant General Wang Guanzhong, Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces of China.

The delegation of the Armed Forces of China consisted of a  number of senior officers, the ambassador of China in B&H, Dong Chunfeng and Chinese Military Attaché in B&H senior colonel Liu Xingjiang.

Deputy Minister of Defense Pendeš welcomed the high military delegation and thanked for the assistance and cooperation that this friendly country provides to the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of B&H. She emphasized the significant help of China and also its contribution in furnishing Armed Forces in B&H.

Lieutenant General Wang Guanzhong stressed that a new satisfactory bilateral cooperation between the two ministries of defense and the armed forces is achieved and that should be continued and further extended in the future.

(Source: Fena)

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