Miletic: Croatia and Serbia have Territorial Pretensions against BiH

“There is no answer as to why the agreement on the border of Serbia with Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Croatia with BiH has not been signed so far. There is a simple reason. Because even today, these countries have territorial aspirations against BiH,” said Zlatko Miletic, a delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and an expert in the field of security.

Miletic thinks that these claims towards the territory of BiH are part of a special war that never stopped, although, as he says, the officials of Serbia and Croatia say that this is not the case.

“If you are showing or expressing your will and respecting integrity, and they were obliged to do so under the Dayton Peace Agreement, then it is your obligation to sign that border agreement as soon as possible. If they did that, I would have a different opinion about everything,” Miletic stated.

Who are the individuals stronger than the state?

Zlatko Miletic explained his earlier statement in which he told that there are individuals in BiH who are stronger than the state. He stated that they are the leaders of national parties that keep the country in a state of instability.

“When they unite, they are stronger than the institutions, which is self-evident. It is a shame that 25 years after the events in BiH, we came to the situation again to talk about separation, about a possible war, conflicts, incidents, and some other things, and in essence, to take us back to the 90s, ” stated the delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Zlatko Miletic.

Journalists reveal the crime, instead of the police

Although, as a delegate in the House of Peoples, he advocates higher salaries for police officers and better conditions for their work, Miletic emphasizes that crime is discovered by journalists, instead of police agencies and prosecutors’ offices.

“Just look at this crime we have in the country. Did you hear in the last three or four months that someone has been reported for some serious economic crime? Police agencies don’t deal with it, so journalists do. Journalists are not police officers. If so, let us hire journalists and let them leave work. The police must do their job according to the law. Instead of the police taking over the primacy, sending real cases to the prosecution instead of fake ones, everything would be different. “

Miletic claims that he has been waiting for more than a year for an answer to the delegate’s question sent to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH on the number of reported crimes in a specific period during the pandemic in our country, what the Prosecutor’s Office has done, and whether all prosecutors meet the norm. So far, he says, he has not received an answer.

Vucic was not on a peacekeeping mission in the positions around Sarajevo

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, did not explain his presence in the positions around Sarajevo during the war in the right way, Miletic believes.

“If he took part in that regime (Slobodan Milosevic’s regime), so he could at least say: I should not have been in that place at that time, that was wrong. Not to mention, what all three or four of them did there. So, he, Seselj, Nikolic, not to mention everyone who was there. They were citizens of the Republic of Serbia. Why they were in BiH at that moment? For example, what would he say about me if I was on Kalemegdan and looking down at some people, who are being killed by someone. Let’s not forget 1.601. children died in the city of Sarajevo, 11.000 people! Well, you were not on a peacekeeping mission here as a European observer. The point is that what you did was wrong, and you need to realize that, ” said Miletic.

“Rearrangement” of the opposition is premature but necessary

Zlatko Miletic says that “rearrangement” on the political scene in BiH is necessary process in both entities, but he considers it premature. He believes that pandemics, vaccines, and economic aid should be addressed first.

“Of course, I am glad that the opposition parties from FBiH and Republika Srpska (RS) show the intention that this can happen in the future, and that is a good thing. But I think those conversations should be opened in a completely different way. Things that are unquestionable in that dialogue need to be discussed. One or two things to start with are: BiH is unquestionable. The RS as an entity is unquestionable. If they agree only on those two things, then the issue of the economy, politics, the Constitution, the issue of the Election Law, and everything else will be much easier. That is my understanding, ” told Zlatko Miletic, a delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliament of BiH and a security expert.

In the TV interview, Zlatko Miletic also talked about the fate of the “Icon” affair, the possibilities of establishing the truth in the “Memic” and “Dragicevic” cases, as well as the security aspects of the migrant crisis, BHRT writes.


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