Mike Pence: I believe that the Countries of the Western Balkans will succeed

Within the US-Adriatic Charter Summit, which took place yesterday in Montenegro, the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence addressed many leaders of the Western Balkans and noted that the unity of these countries, Europe and the United States, is very important.

As one of the most pressing issues that all these countries faced with, he noted the fight against ISIL militants, which is currently the most important battle front of the USA in the world.

“To all of us, from the Western Balkans to Western Europe and the United States, less than half a year ago, it was a burning problem and your countries were disturbed by announcements that they might attack Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo in a coordinated manner. Fortunately, they didn’t succeed in that, and the United States is grateful to everyone who participates in the fight against terrorist threats. That united all of us and I want to emphasize that President Trump will not give up on destroying them in their roots, ” said Pence.

Finally, the Vice-President of the United States noted that it is very important for the Western Balkans region to be united in the global fight for the progress of all peoples. He also said that the Adriatic Charter has a unique role in the unity of the Balkans, with the support of the United States and all the countries that are trying to be part of the EU and NATO.

“My friends, we have gathered at this historic summit of the Adriatic Charter. The USA helped the Western Balkans countries to move together towards peace and we should use not only this day but all the possibilities to get close to each other and to conclude the way to the Western Balkans that we started a long time ago. I believe that you will succeed and I have faith in the wonderful freedom that I have seen in the past days while I was traveling through Europe. And our future is common, and that is the future of freedom,” concluded Pence.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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