Migrants moved from Maljevac, Border Crossing soon to be put in Operation

Around 200 migrants who spent the last week at the international border crossing “Maljevac” have been successfully moved to the city of Velika Kladusa. By this, all the conditions for Border Crossing Maljevac to be opened are met.

After more than half an hour of negotiations with members of the Ministry of Interior of Una-Sana Canton, migrants agreed to leave the border and were transferred to Mistral factory.

No incidents were registered during the transfer of migrants, which lasted less than an hour. One of the conditions of the Croatia Border Police for the opening of the Maljevac International Border Crossing was the relocation of migrants and it is expected that the traffic will soon be established.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) spokesperson Edita Selimbegovic said that IOM will provide everything needed for a normal stay of migrants in the Miral Hall.

“They will have dinner at 19 o’clock, we will provide bed and everything they need for their stay,” Selimbegovic said.

Maljevac Border Crossing will be put in operation tonight at 19 o’clock.

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