Migrants found a temporary Home near Sarajevo: No one treated us better than the People in BiH

February 16, 2018 5:00 PM

A group of around 40 migrants, including some children, found their temporary home in the settlement Nebocaj near Sarajevo.

Migrants are currently staying in the homes of local people, who offered their help.

One of the migrants is the physician Selam Agberi from Afghanistan. He has been staying in the house in Nebocaj for 45 days.

“I’m here with my brother, and my family stayed home. I went through Iran and worked in Turkey for 50 days. The police in Greece made some problems and they were even brutal to us. We have everything we need here and I might be even staying in BiH,” said Agberi.

Ahmed Felah from Syria lost everything in his country and now he wants to go to Slovenia and his final goal is Germany. However, he likes BiH because people help them find food and a shelter.

Locals offered their help to immigrants, and there are 36 men and a family with four children residing in two houses. Two Egyptians from BiH provided them temporary home, and the organization of food and footwear is conducted by local resident, Husein Sarajlic.

“We got involved in order to help as much as we can with food and other basic necessities. They are mostly barefoot, wearing ripped clothes and they often have problems with their feet because they are usually coming on foot over Serbia. Therefore, this is the first move until authorities step in,” said Sarajlic.

Migrants are mostly coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Algeria.

Some of the migrants have been here for more than a month, and our people are helping with food and clothing. They also started an action of collecting basic necessities – the most important is food and there is no need for the money to be paid, according to locals. You can get all information on how to help this people in need at 061 / 824-316.

(Source: A.B. and I. P./Klix.ba)




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