Migrants do not want to accept Help or Food Third Day in a Row

For the third day in a row, migrants in the improvised camp Lipa near Bihac do not want to accept help or food offered by the Red Cross of Una-Sana Canton. As the president of the Red Cross of the Una Sana Canton, Husein Klicic, confirmed for Klix.ba, negotiations between this and other international organizations such as the IOM with migrants have been going on for days, but everything has been unsuccessful.

“We are trying to help them and have been preparing food packages for them for days, but they have been rejecting them for three days because they are dissatisfied with the conditions, want better accommodation and a roof over their heads. I want to emphasize that the USC Red Cross does not provide a camp we only systematically prepare food, “Klicic said.

He said that by refusing food, they additionally damage their health, which can lead to bigger problems. He mentioned that the situation is further aggravated by a group of migrants who buy and resell food in the camp.

“They did the same thing in Vucjak, and it is not clear to anyone how they do it and why, on the other hand, our free help is denied, ”he added.

Klicic emphasized that the USC Red Cross tried to calm the situation on three occasions today and persuade migrants to start accepting food, but they did not succeed, after which they withdrew from the field.

He added that he did not know how long this hunger strike would last. “We have everything packed and ready to wait for them to accept our help and we will go to the field again. We see no reason to continue to be worse when they refuse our help.

Currently, the police are up and securing those facilities and when it is estimated that we are too We are also happy to respond. There are also many unknown organizations in the area, we do not know their origins, but they are trying to make money at the expense of migrants and we hope that in the coming period we will put an end to them, “Klicic said.

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