Migrants’ Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina will escalate, Ujic warns


According to our estimates, there are currently around 7,000 migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, of which 6,000 are in temporary reception centers. Slobodan Ujic, director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, stated that for “Dnevni Avaz“.

According to him, only on Tuesday alone, there were 107 new migrants, 92 migrants in Sarajevo and 15 in Bihac.

“I am afraid that the number will increase as the measures that were in force due to the coronavirus are relaxed. I see that the centers in Serbia, where there were 9,000 migrants, are half empty. What worries them the most is their movement towards BiH. We have no more accommodation capacities,”warns Ujic.

He also commented Fahrudin Radoncic leaving the position of Minister of Security as a big problem, because they supported his views regarding solving the problem of the migrant crisis.

“We had an excellent daily cooperation with Radoncic. On almost all issues, and regarding illegal migration, we had absolutely the same position on how to solve them, and together we visited hotspots, made decisions, he had our full support,” he says.

With the departure of Radoncic, Ujic notes, it will be difficult to solve the problem of the migrant crisis. He emphasizes that it is difficult for them to perform tasks within their competence because they have not had a budget for two years, there are no funds for anything, except for regular tasks that they manage to do.

We manage to register all migrants brought to the Service by security agencies. I have to admit that most migrants come on their own initiative in the early morning hours in front of the field offices to report. We manage to process them biometrically and exchange that data with security agencies, Ujic points out.

Commenting on the situation that migrants have been the main news of the black chronicles in recent days, either as victims of attacks or because of a conflict between them, the director says that they are monitoring the situation.



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