Migrants attacked Police in Migrant Center in Bihac


Police officers working on the security of the Migrant Center “Lipa” informed Bihac Police Station that there was an infight of a large number of migrants who also caused material damage to one of the police vehicles.

As Snezana Galic, the head of the Crime Police of the Ministry of the Interior of the Una Sana Canton, stated in a statement for RTV Una Sana Canton, about 200 migrants from this Center were throwing stones and other objects, towards police officers and workers working to secure the camp, because alleged dissatisfaction with the provision of medical assistance.

To protect themselves and their lives, police officers fired two warning shots into the air at the time, and additional forces were sent to the Center to restore order, Fena news agency reports.

The current situation is calm, and the USC Ministry of the Interior points out that they are working on identifying the initiators of the uprising.

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