Migrant Arrivals on the rise in BiH

Migrant arrivals are on the rise in Bosnia. As a consequence, hundreds of foreigners are living in precarious conditions in a park in Sarajevo, where a makeshift camp has been set up.

According to estimates by volunteers, some 1,500 migrants are currently in Bosnia, mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya. Migrants arrive in Bosnia from Montenegro and Serbia and, since the start of the year, border police have prevented an additional 1,541 people from entering the country.
However, there is a lack of information on arrivals. The local minister of labor, social policies and refugees, Amela Dautbegovic, said authorities are unaware of the number of migrants who have arrived in Bosnia or the Sarajevo Canton or the number of those who were able to continue their trip towards western Europe or those who are stranded in Bosnia. Migrants should reportedly be registered by central authorities.

Bosnia-Herzegovina has registered an increase of 600 to 700 percent in the number of undocumented migrants, according to the Security Minister. This is likely in part due to closure of the “Balkan route.”

After the EU-Turkey deal and the closure of the “Balkan route,” Bosnia Herzegovina has registered a spike in the number of undocumented migrants arriving from Turkey through Greece, Albania and Montenegro, up an estimated 600 to 700 percent, Security Minister Dragan Mektic was quoted as saying by Fena news agency on Wednesday.
The migrants take this new route to then reach Croatia and Western Europe, the minister told lawmakers.
(Source: informigrants)

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