Microbiologist Ivan Dikic reveals what will happen in the Fourth Wave of Coronavirus

The increase in the number of newly infected people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the world, measures and the vaccination process, was discussed with the renowned microbiologist Ivan Dikic, who was a guest of Dnevnik 2 BHT1.

“It is clear that all these measures that took place during the summer caused this increased number, but it is not surprising. This also happens in other countries, people relax a bit during the summer and do not adhere to the measures “, points out Dikic.

According to him, the greatest danger from the delta strain of coronavirus threatens us in the coming period, when people return from vacation and when they stay for a long time indoors, and children and students in schools and colleges.

He also points out that the elderly population, as well as people who have not been immunized so far, will again be “hit” by the fourth wave of coronavirus.

“Elderly people who have not yet been vaccinated are at greatest risk. That is the number one risk. All others who are not vaccinated have a higher chance of having much more serious, more severe symptoms of the disease and higher mortality, “said Dikic, adding that even people who are vaccinated are not completely protected from a new and much more contagious wave of pandemics.

“Therefore, we cannot say that the protection of those who have been vaccinated is 100%, but they must also be careful in future contacts. Caution and responsibility are the two biggest categories of success in fighting this disease. We have learned how to live with this disease and we just need to adhere to it much more and more rigorously “, said, among other things, microbiologist Ivan Dikic, as a guest in Dnevnik 2 BHT1.

photo: Petar Glebov/PIXSELL

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