Michel Platini Opened Training Center NSB&H In Zenica Worth 10 Million KM

zenicaOn Crkvičko Hill in Zenica, the official opening of the training center of the B&H Football Association took place today.

A large number of officials, as well as the selector of our football representation Safet Sušić and players Emir Spahić and Senad Lulić attended the opening of one of the best training centers in the Balkans.

The President of UEFA Michel Platini and the President Football Association of B&H Elvedin Begić, officially marking the opening of the training center, revealed the statue of the B&H Football Association.

This sports complex is of huge importance for the development of football in B&H, and the President of NSB&H Elvdin Begić highlighted this.

‘’We have opened a window to Brazil and made a step forward towards this path. This reminds us how much FIFA and UEFA helped us, not only for the training center but in general, and it is an understatement to say thank you. I am happy that Platini helped us realize our wishes. Thanks to the mayor of Zenica Husejin Smajlović, for whose support we have a training center in which our talents will grow and where our Dragons will stay’’, said Begić.

He thanked all who participated in the realization and development of the training center in Zenica.

‘’With the construction, we have received a training center for the preparations for all selections and this gives us hope for better games. We are sad that we do not have an adequate stadium, and we are especially disappointed to the government structures. We are used to fighting alone, and at Bilino Polje more invitations are being requested’’, said Begić.

The President of UEFA Michel Platini expressed his satisfaction with the job and construction of the training center, and by the end of the tour he welcomed everyone and thanked all those who attended.

“Mr. President, thank you for the nice training center. I know that this generation of football players are the continuation of those who played during my time. All new generations wish to continue down the same path. Although I should be neutral, I am glad of what B&H has done. Now I am glad that I am on a football field, because in the last few years was resolving political problems in my office’’, said Platini and thanked Ivica Osim.

The former football star said that this is a region with huge chances for the development of football, but that it has to happen on the field, and not in front of courts.


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