Michel Platini: B&H Representation Inspired Europe and the World

Michel-Platini-006The President of the European Football Federation Michel Platini (58), during a press briefing in Monaco.

The famous football player spoke very highly of the best football selection of B&H that is led by Safet Sušić, who stressed that B&H is ‘’making real football progress in all segments’’.

He also referred to the resolute performances of B&H lately.

‘’You have a very good collective. With your results in the last period, B&H has inspired all of Europe and the world. B&H is the first group with huge chances to go to the World Cup in Brazil, which would be the first time and would certainly cheer up fans in B&H’’, said Platini to the sports editor of Agency Anadolija for Balkans Bakir Tyre, otherwise the Permanent Representative of B&H to UEFA  jury of the selection of the best footballers in Europe for the 2012/2013 season.

Platini said that B&H has ‘excellent players that could do this, but they still have not finished the job’’.

‘’I can say that you have huge chances, but I cannot confirm that you will certainly go to Brazil. If I were to play for you, as I used to play football, then I could say whether you are going to the World Cup or not. This way, I am president of UEFA and I am glad that good things have started to take place in B&H football’’, confirming that on 2 September he would be in B&H where he will open the training center of NS/FS B&H at Kamberović field in Zenica.

Michel Platini announced today in Monaco that he would not participate in the second leg qualification match between Serbia-Croatia for the World Cup in Brazil, which will take place at Stadium Marakana in Belgrade on 6 September, said a reporter for Agency Anadolija from Monaco.

He said he would not be there because he did not attend the first game that was held on 22 March in Zagreb.

‘’I wish to remain neutral, but sometimes I have to be a politician’’, said Platini.


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