MIA KS: We are ready for 100.000 Visitors

new-year-stageUp to 100.000 visitors are expected in the capital of BiH, where the New Year celebration will be held at the plateau in front of the national institutions. Tourists will arrive in the larger number tomorrow, and the number of visits already broke the record, stated the Tourist Board of the Sarajevo Canton.

Four days are left until the New Year’s Eve. While the Square of BiH is getting a new look, those who are in charge of security also commented on the organization of the celebration.

“Activities are being implemented in physical, operational, traffic and counter-diversion insurance, especially regarding the public celebration at the Square of BiH. A significant number of police officers will be engaged and according to previous experiences and information that we dispose with we will implement all measures necessary for the celebration to pass without an incident,” stated the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton.

The number of tourists in the capital is already record-breaking. Tourists from 130 countries visited Sarajevo this year, but the majority of them came from Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Visitors from these countries are expected during New Year Holidays as well.

“According to information we possess, until January 3 the accommodation facilities in the Sarajevo Canton are 80 percent booked and in the lowest standards that would be 80.000 overnight stays in five days, which we never had before. That is more than last year and overall tourist traffic in Sarajevo is higher this year than the last one,” said Asja Hadžiefendić-Mešić, spokeswoman of the Tourist Board of the Sarajevo Canton.

Despite the polluted air and speculations about the potentially dangerous Bosnia and Herzegovina, a lot of foreign tourists were in the old city core yesterday.

Authorities estimate that between 70.000 and 100.000 visitors and citizens will be present at the Square of Bosnia and Herzegovina on New Year’s Eve. They promised to respond to any security challenge.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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