MFA of BiH sends needed Stickers to the Embassy in Riyadh

MFAAfter the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in Riyadh Senahid Bristric confirmed that almost 30,000 tourists from Saudi Arabia want to visit BiH, but that cannot because the Embassy does not have enough stickers for visas. However, after some time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered the required amount of visa stickers to the embassy in Riyadh.

Moreover, it was stated by the ministry that an additional diplomat was hired and he will start to work in August. The previous diplomat’s service will end on June 21st.

The Ministry has indicated that the Embassy of BiH in Riyadh will be granted the engagement of local staff on the basis of the work contract and for the needs of administrative technical tasks in the language of the receiving country.

(Source: fena)

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