The MFA of BiH issued Travel Warnings for four Countries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued several travel warnings to BiH citizens, which are available on its website.

The list includes mainly countries in which war are taking place and in which the security situation is unfavorable.

Thus, the Ministry recommends to BiH citizens to not travel to Yemen until further notice due to increased sectarian violence and deterioration of the security situation in that country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina in Yemen does not have a resident diplomatic/consular mission and covers that country from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

Furthermore, BiH citizens are advised to not travel to Libya until further notice because of significant deterioration in the security situation and the existence of a real danger of armed attacks and abductions in this country, especially in those parts of the country where they have already taken place or are taking place. Citizens are recommended to consider the possible of temporary departure from Libya, in cooperation with the management of companies in which they are employed and in consultation with the Embassy of BiH in Tripoli.

The BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns BiH citizens not to travel to Iraq due to a poor security situation. The MFA advises BiH citizens currently in Iraq to consider the possibility of leaving that country as soon as possible. It is recommended to BiH citizens, for security reasons, to avoid public gatherings.

The BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on BiH citizens to refrain from traveling to parts of Ukraine that are not under the control of legal authorities in Kiev. It is recommended to citizens of BiH, due to security reasons, avoid public gatherings.

It is also recommended that citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina do not travel to Syria for security reasons due to the complex security situation there.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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